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Calm Harbors for End Stage Cardiac Care

Calm Harbors is a home care hospice program for patients with congestive heart failure who require continuous or episodic high level medical care.

Beacon Hospice enhances care. Even if you or your loved one requires intensive medical care, you can take advantage of hospice in your home.

Continuous care:

If you or your loved ones desires to receive care at home, Calm Harbors can fulfill that wish. The Calm Harbors continuous care model minimizes recurring medical crises and significantly reduces the need for hospital readmissions.
When medically appropriate and consistent with Medical criteria, Calm Harbors offers continuous care:

~ If medically warranted, Beacon Hospice nurses and home health aides care for you and your loved one around the clock for the first 24 hours you are home.
~ Beacon Hospice staff then provide routine hospice care per the established care plan.
~ If you or your loved one has a recurring medical crisis, Beacon Hospice provides continuous evaluation and care for the duration of the crisis.

The Hospice Benefit:

Hospice care provided under the Calm Harbors program - including all medications, equipment, and supplies related to a terminal diagnosis - is covered by Medicare and most private insurance.

Beacon Hospice Care is available in MA, CT, RI, NH, ME.