Compassionate care to help you through your sorrow.

Grief is a word that brings to mind sorrow and loss. But in reality, it's so much more. Grief is a natural response to losing a loved one. It provides an opportunity to work through complicated feelings and learn how to live in a new way.

Each person's grief is distinct and individual. What makes your grieving process unique is the personal relationship you had with your loved one, the expressions of your individual feelings and thoughts, and possibly even your physical symptoms.

No matter what shape your grieving takes, you never have to go through it alone.

Turn to Beacon Hospice Bereavement Services - Grieving is a continuous process that involves many changes over time. It takes longer than you expect, and may also take more energy than you imagined. You might experience physical symptoms, mood swings, and even guilt or anger. If You've lost someone close to you, your grieving can take many forms. You might find yourself asking questions such as these;

Why do I feel so lost and alone?
Why am I so angry?
Am I losing control?
When will these feelings end?
Is there anyone I can talk with?

All of these feelings are normal and are indicators that you are making your way through the grieving process. Beacon can help you journey through grief, and provide you with an understanding of the feelings and reactions you might expect and experience.

Your grief is personal, but you're not alone.

Beacon provides support and comfort to families and friends of patients. We're here to guide you through your personal grief, and help you copy with your loss. Beacon's approach to hospice care creates a patient and family environment of hope, comfort, and dignity. This approach continues throughout the bereavement process, with services and counselors to help families heal.

Individual attention: Finding your path - Bereavement coordinators are available to assist you, whether you have concerns during your loved one's illness or you are worried about the impact of the situation on you and your family.

Continuous contact - A caring relationship A bereavement coordinator, as part of your hospice team, will remain in contact with you for up to 13 months. Care is extended through phone calls, mailings of bereavement literature, support groups, and a memorial service. Your relationship with your counselor is based entirely on your needs, and will change as you do.

Support groups - Finding strength in others If you find solace through meeting others, we will introduce you to people, like yourself, who have also experienced a loss. Support groups meet regularly at all of our offices, and are conducted by experienced bereavement counselors. These groups can help you recognize that while the feelings you are experiencing are uniquely yours, they follow a similar path to that of may others. This supportive setting may be instrumental in helping you find the strength to understand and work through your grief.

Contact your location to contact your local Bereavement Coordinator.